About the service

B&N Consult offer the following services upon conclusion of a contract for real estate management or leasing:

  • Initial consultancy
  • Continual advertising and viewing of the real estate
  • Renting out the real estate and legal coverage of the deal
  • Securing the most suitable tenants
  • Continual occupancy of the leased real estate
  • Safekeeping of the deposit submitted on the lease contract
  • Strict checking of the observance of all contract clauses, including the timely payment of the monthly rent and the overhead expenses
  • Executing control on the condition of the leased real estate
  • Execution of the necessary capital repairs of the real estate, which is an obligation of the lessor
  • Coordination of the activities related to interior reconstruction projects, interior design and furnishing
  • Property insurance
  • Representing the owner of the real estate before all institutions, organizations and exploitation companies (electric power supply, water supply & sewerage, heating supply, etc.)
  • Representing the owner before the general meeting of the building where the real estate is located