Management of real estates

The economic situation in Bulgaria, the development of the real estates market and particularly its business real estates part during the past few years, led the market inevitably towards an already well-known business branch in the countries of the West – property management.
A precondition for the increasing need of this complex service is basically the fact that more and more investors accumulated different sizes of real estate portfolios which need a professional management.
The team responsible for this type of service should include specialists in different fields: lawyers, managers, accountants, etc. B&N Консулт have the available types and number of specialists and accomplish the services on property management for an increasing number of their existing, as well as new clients.
The comfortableness obtained by our clients (owners) is one of our basic purposes in view of the presence of unscrupulous and incorrect tenants, or in case of possession of a number of leased real estates.
The purposes of the services are achieved through:

  • constant control
  • accurate management of the accompanying documentation
  • adequate rational decisions on the part of the managers team
  • legal consideration of each situation and a legally conformed response, thanks to the specialized lawyers
  • complete and strict bookkeeping accounting
  • adequate selection of tenants
  • rational choice of servicing firms and staff (cleaning, security, advertising, supplying, etc.)